Prospect Locksmiths

Need a locksmith service for homes, commercial and offices in Adelaide CBD Adelaide greater metro area or Adelaide Hills? Phone us now 0448 412 118 for quick and reliable service response to your premises.

Commercial Locksmith

Provide Locks – More than allow reentry to your property, Prospect Locksmith can help set you up with your security by installing locks. Our commercial locksmith in Adelaide will be able to supply you with the necessary tools to provide, service, and repair window and door locks, two of the most common types of locks for residential and commercial use.

Rekey Locks – If you have just moved into a new home or even if you have been living in the same home for some time, it might be time to think about changing your lock. This way you know that the key to your locks is inaccessible to anyone but you and those whom you deem worthy.


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