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Need a locksmith service for homes, commercial and offices in Adelaide CBD Adelaide greater metro area or Adelaide Hills? Phone us now 0448 412 118 for quick and reliable service response to your premises.

Masterkey Systems

Masterkey system involves a group of locks, and the keys that unlocks them. You get a hierarchy of keys- with one key at the top that fits into a large number of locks, and then large number of keys at the bottom which may only fit into one lock. Masterkeys are the next level of security and help create a secure system.

Cut Keys – If you find yourself in a situation where you need a replacement or duplicate key, we can help trace, cut, and duplicate a key. We know that our customers in Adelaide, looking for emergency locksmith services will need a reliable key that will allow them uninterrupted entry at any time. This is also useful for non-emergency uses, such as granting someone access to your home, or office, or just creating backups as a prophylactic measure.


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