Prospect Locksmiths

Need a locksmith service for homes, commercial and offices in Adelaide CBD Adelaide greater metro area or Adelaide Hills? Phone us now 0448 412 118 for quick and reliable service response to your premises.

Residential Locks

Electronic locking solutions – Technology has come far, while physical locks still have a place in society, electronic locks can add a far greater level of security without weighing your pockets down or taking up too much space.

Security door service and repairs – The nature of a security door is that it is designed to be durable, however, all things deteriorate over time. To keep your security doors running at their best, we can service your security door. If your security door has been damaged for any reason, we can repair it for you as well.

Locks for Security Safes – while not as common in demand as the above, there is still demand locksmiths to help secure safes of practically any size. We can supply, install, open, and repair all types of vaults and security safes.


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